Thursday, November 4, 2010

24 Weeks

Had an OB appt. today with yet another U/S. Babies are doing good, both weighing around 1.5 lbs each. The are both transverse right now...the same way which is why I've only been feeling movement on the right side. I've gained 18 lbs so far which I feel is a lot (if only I could stop eating so much sugar!) Had my GTT today so hopefully I won't hear anything from the doctor's office as I don't want to have to do a 3 hour GTT. Had a cervical check today and my cervix is measuring that of a non-pregnant woman - 4cm! Definitely no signs of PTL here. I now start going to appointments every two weeks.

Had a good time with D today. He will probably be back in about a month for another appointment. He was very thrilled to be able to feel the babies moving today!


MrsKnight said...

I was wanting little sugar snacks ALL the time. Like grabbing 2, no make that 4, little candy orange slices out of the pantry... coming back an hour later for another 2-4. Oh, and frozen cookie dough! I'd slice off a half inch thick piece (log style) and eat it. Sugar, sugar!

Anyway, I bought a BIG bag of raw cashew pieces from the bulk bin at $5/lb and now whenever I want a snack I guiltlessly grab a handful out of the sack. It has seriously reduced my sugar cravings and now At first I had to CHOOSE to substitute the nuts, but now I don't even think about the half-full container of orange slices on the top shelf.

Andrea said...

Yay for no PTL!! Hope all is well with you and those babies!!