Saturday, January 30, 2010

Morning of Transfer

I'm sitting here at the desk in my hotel room on the morning of the transfer. It's so beautiful outside. I have a panoramic view of the Hollywood hills. The sun is rising, the sky is blue, wispy clouds in the's going to be a great day to get pregnant!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Injection Fiasco

I don't know why I have to have so many issues with injections, but I do. Two nights ago, I gave myself my progesterone injection. Almost immediately it was terribly itchy (still is today in fact). I hope I'm not having a reaction again. Last night, because my husband was home, I decided to have him give me my shots (both Delestrogen and Progesterone). I got them all set up handed them over. For some reason, I just decided to watch him for the second shot, just to make sure he was doing it right I suppose (after all this time and I still don't trust him!?!?!?!) Well, he get's ready to take the plunge and all of a sudden he pulls way back on the plunger. He pulled at least 2 cc's of air into the syringe. WTF!!! Thank GOD I was paying attention. I said to him, "Have you been doing that with all my shots? Why did you do that? You would have just killed me if we were doing IV injections". A little later he said, "I thought you said to pull back on the plunger a little." "Yeah, after you inject it!!! To make sure your not in a vein and there's no blood."

Nevertheless, I think I will be doing my own injections from now on.

Leaving tomorrow morning to go to LA, transfer will be sometime on Saturday....can't wait. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Five embryos...that's what we have to work with. We are really hoping they all make it to Saturday at which point we would transfer 2 (possibly 3) and freeze the others. We aren't going to feel safe until the transfer is over and then it's a whole different set of worries.

I still can't believe how naive I was going into my first surrogacy. I've learned just about everything there is to know about IVF and surrogacy now and I've experienced more than most, so I'm ready to move on to success.

Monday, January 25, 2010

We've Got Eggs

They were able to get 10 eggs, but we only have 7 that are good quality. We will find out the fertilization report tomorrow. We know that they may not all fertilize and grow, but we are hoping for a good number (fingers crossed). It's starting to feel real and we are all getting excited about this transfer!

I may be meeting a couple of SMO gals out in CA if we can coordinate our schedules. It's always fun to meet other surrogates. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

We Got our Date!

I found out today that we will be transferring on the one week from tomorrow (YAY!). Today has been horrible. Because my estrogen was low and I had to up my dose, I had a terrible migraine this morning. It's better now, but it was one of those that made me nauseous. Now I remember just how powerful hormones are and how they can really affect so much more than we think.

Egg donor will have retrieval on Monday so we still have one hurdle left. We have to see how many eggs we will get and then how many fertilize. My IF told me yesterday that if we get 3 embryos or less, then the transfer will be moved up to 3 days. If we get more than 3, then we will keep the transfer next Saturday. At this point, I don't care (that's how I get when I feel crappy). Not looking forward to morning sickness, but so looking forward to being pregnant!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Low Estrogen

Just found out my estrogen is low...150, so I need to up my Delestrogen. Won't know transfer date until tomorrow.

Lining Check - Check

Lining check is done so I can cross that off my list of things to worry about. Lining looked great at 12 (ETA: make that 13 :) ), so at this point I'm not concerned about my estradiol's doing it's job. Still waiting to hear about date of retrieval and thus, date of transfer. With a frozen transfer, I would be starting progesterone injections tonight, but only because the transfer would be in 5 days. I'm thinking that we still have 9 days until transfer so I'm guessing I will begin prog injections in a couple of days. I miss frozen embryo transfers!! They're so much easier. Nobody can schedule flight information until we have a date. This means I can't get prepared until I know when I will be gone. Frustrating.

While I was looking through some older paperwork I found the wonderful sheet they give you labeled "Positive Pregnancy Instructions". It made me just a little sad to see that if the first transfer had been successful, my due date would have been 3/26/10. I'd be having a baby in a little less than 2 months. I know that it just wasn't meant to be though.

I still feel very good about this upcoming transfer. At this point, all variables are favorable. The last thing we are waiting on is to see how many eggs are retrieved and then fertilized and grow. If that turns out good then our chances for a pregnancy should be really high this time.

Will update when I know more!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Close

This upcoming Thursday, I have an appointment for my lining check U/S at 9:30am. We should know the date of the transfer by then (or by Friday at the latest). I'm starting to get really excited for the transfer! Still feeling good and thinking positively. I'm glad we're not there right now during Golden Globe time, although that would be cool to get a glimpse of some famous faces. We're not staying at the Beverly Hilton anyway. I'm pretty sure we'll be staying at the Sunset Tower Hotel again. We've stayed at so many different hotels and they're all really nice. I can't say any one of them is better than another.

I will update on Thursday after the appointment.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost One Year

It's almost been one year since I gave birth to baby Grant. I'd really like to get him a gift for his birthday, but seeing that I haven't even seen him since birth, I don't have many ideas. I was thinking about getting him a shirt that says, "I Love My Dads", but I don't know if that's silly or not. I'm sure he has everything and more so what do you get a little one that has everything?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Right on Track

First, I just want to say I needed a new blog look for the new year and I love pink and black together. Second, AF had arrived and I start my Delestrogen injections tonight! Everything is right on track. You wouldn't think I would be excited to begin poking myself with needles, but with Dr. S, once you start injectibles, transfer is less than 3 weeks away.

I was talking with D the other day and he said that he wants me to take a home pregnancy test. I had been thinking about waiting until the beta this time, but he wants me to POAS so we can be prepared. I won't complain about that...I'm actually glad he settled it for me. I really think it would have been hard to wait those grueling 10 days. I feel good about this transfer and I'm confident this third time will be our charm.

D said he spoke to the egg donor agency and apparently our egg donor's eggs resulted in the birth of a healthy baby November 1. It's unfortunate that we had to experience the two failed cycles with (what we truly believe were) bad embryos.

2010 is our year!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

So here we are into another New Year. I'm just waiting to see how fast this one goes by. My new year resolution (along with my husband) is to achieve more balance in our lives. We don't have a written plan, but do have some ideas as to how we want to achieve this goal. I am not going to sit back and wait for this year to be good...I am going to MAKE this year wonderful. Starting with the transfer at the end of this month. I will only be thinking positive thoughts.

I begin my E2V injections on January 9 -wow- just a few days from now. I have a feeling this month is going to fly by and before I know it, I will be pregnant. I can't wait!

Wishing all of you readers the best New Year!