Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not Pregnant

Well, my tests were officially negative. I was sad, but in the end, it's what was right for us. We are moving on and no longer trying to get pregnant anymore. So wouldn't you know that right when I decide this...guess who calls? Growing Generations of course! Talk about perfect timing. If you would have asked me six months ago if I was done with surrogacy, I would have said yes, most likely. But I've changed my mind and jumping in with both feet. First, I will call D & W to let them know what my plans are. I know that they are happy with their two little bundles, but I also know that D is going to be jealous. He's told me more than once that he would be if I ever decided to do another journey. I hope he will be accepting and happy for another couple (or single) who may be blessed just as they were. After that...filling out the application again.

I'm starting to get excited and nothing has even happened yet! Here we go again!!

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leikay2 said...

O. M. G!!!! Keep me posted!