Thursday, April 19, 2012

Officially Retired

WOW! What a turn of events. I recently started a new job which was complicating my surrogacy plans. After speaking with someone from the agency, I decided to put my surrogacy plans on hold for one month. Well, on 4/3, I came home from work and felt like I already wanted to quit my job so I could pursue the surrogacy. I decided to take a pregnancy test to make sure everything could go as I'd hoped, but then everything came crashing down. The pregnancy test was a clear, without-a-doubt positive. After totally losing it and throwing a bit of a fit, I calmed down and let the news sink in.

Fast forward to yesterday, while at work I started cramping and bleeding. My mind went straight back to my last miscarriage as I though for sure that was what was happening. Today I went to the doctor during my lunch hour and he did a superfast U/S and low and behold, we saw a flicker of a heartbeat.

So... it looks like we are having one more baby for this family!


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~ C ~ said...

congrats! it may not feel like it right now, but this is a total blessing for your family! (((hugs))) about not being able to pursue another surrogacy right now, though.

Tiffiny said...

Congrats love!!!!

Suraj Tiwari said...

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Stephanie Life said...

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