Friday, October 24, 2008

24 Weeks!

I hit 24 weeks today. The baby is moving constantly which puts me at ease. My back has been spasming for the past week. Thank God I have a Dr. appt. next Thurs. because life has been extremely hard the past week as I have been in so much pain. We scheduled a 3D/4D U/S for Nov. 15 so we are all looking forward to that. I can't believe that I am already starting to worry about the birth. With my back hurting so much, I compared it to having contractions in my back - that's exactly what it feels like. And so I am starting to get nervous. Part of me wants to have an epidural and part of me doesn't - I'm so torn. I'm truly contemplating IV drugs or something along those lines. Of course it all depends on if I go into labor naturally or (heaven forbid) I have to be induced. If I do go on my own I thank God I only live 3 minutes from the hospital. I don't know what we will do if it is the middle of the night though because I really don't want to take the kids with me again.

On a lighter note, there is a SMO get together planned for Nov. 16 so I am really looking forward to that. I think it will be great to meet some other surrogates that live in Colorado!

Until next week...

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