Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time is Creeping By

Well, I'm almost 27 weeks and I feel as though time is just creeping by. I am already so uncomfortable - my back hurts like crazy. I recently bought a maternity support belt and so far it is helping (I've actually bought 2 but I'm going to return 1). On Saturday I have the 3D U/S but neither of the guys will even be here so I'm going with my mom. I really hope we can get a face shot. On Sunday is the SMO get together - I am looking forward to that. I hope to make some new friends.

I can't believe February is still 3 months away. I know it won't get any easier, but I hope it doesn't get too much harder. It probably doesn't help that I've already gained 21 lbs. I need to get my but moving... I will try to post pics when I get them - if I can figure it out.

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