Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am 28 weeks now and had an appt. with my GTT yesterday. Really nothing to report - things are somewhat boring right now. Just the way I like it. My OB did say that he wants to do another U/S in 3 weeks. I am assuming it is just to check on the other sac.
A couple of weeks ago, some surros from SMO got together at a local restaurant and it was wonderful to meet them and have some great discussions. A few had given birth recently. Thanks girls, I hope we can make it happen again!
My wonderful IF's arranged for my husband and I to stay in a suite downtown at the Hotel Monoco while my parents watch the kids this Saturday night. I am looking forward to it as we never have a night away from the kids. We may try to go see a movie or something fun.
Tonight I start prenatal pilates at the hospital. I need to start getting some more exercise as I have already put on 26 whopping pounds (crap!) Hopefully it will help with the birth and recovery.
So Christmas is right around the corner and once that passes, this baby will be here before I know it. I can't believe that this journey is on it's last leg. I can't wait to meet little Trevor and let his parents begin a new beautiful phase of their life. I can't imagine life without my kids and am so happy to be able to provide a little of what I feel for somebody else!!
Lastly, I recently had a 4D U/S and it was great. We got some great shots - here are my favorites...

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