Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tomorrow's the Big Day

And I am feeling pretty good about it. I have been having numerous pregnancy signs such as a horrible migraine headache yesterday, nauseousness, and I can't stand the smell of maple syrup - which only happens when I'm pregnant. I took another pregnancy test (silly, I know) and it said without a doubt - pregnant. In fact, the line showed up before the control line. But, I wonder if all of this could still happen with a blighted ovum??? I will pray again tonight that we see a heartbeat tomorrow. RE gave us a 50/50 chance which doesn't seem that good to me. My IF's don't seem to have a lot of faith, but I still do. If we don't see a baby in that sac tomorrow, I won't have a lot of faith left in my body.

I just want to note for records sake, that I had not one single pregnancy symptom when I had the miscarriage - ever. This pregnancy, whether successful or not, I have had nearly all the symptoms I had during my first surrogacy so...we'll see what happens!! I'll update tomorrow.

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