Friday, July 2, 2010


Man, hormones really rule my life! I've been so angry least I know to chalk it up to all the hormones running rampant in my system. I just can't believe I feel like this already. At least I know what it is and not that I'm totally crazy. During my first pregnancy (with my son) I became so depressed that I felt I was having a real problem. Only after the fact did I realize that it was just my hormones. Uuuugghhh!!

I've also started feeling very nauseous already - starving one second (which makes me feel really ill) and then I eat and I'm totally full the next (which also makes me feel ill if I take even one too many bites). Yeah I'm complaining...this is the first trimester for me and I question my motives every time I go through this. I just keep telling myself "only seven more weeks". I know I can do it! I'm also already counting down the days until I stop my progesterone shots, 15 and counting!

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