Monday, August 2, 2010


Had final U/S today and all is good. Babies are measuring 4.0cm and 4.4cm. I have to say it was fun seeing the babies moving around in there. I'm still feeling sick at times, not all the time, but I sure can't wait for this part to be over. I made my first OB appt. today with a new doc that I was given 3 separate recommendations for (2 from surrogates), so I hope he's as great as they say. I stopped meds on Saturday and no migraines yet so that is a plus!

I've been really struggling with my emotions lately and I'm still praying that is has a lot to do with hormones which I hope will start leveling out. Without saying everything that I've been feeling, which I really don't think would be appropriate, I do want to say that I've been having mixed feelings about this journey. I've been questioning whether I'm making the right decision or not. I've been feeling a bit resentful of how ill I've been feeling and how it's affected my children and husband. I never felt this way for my last journey and I know it all seems a little late to be feeling this way now.

I'm feeling apprehensive as to what the future holds and I really hope this journey will have a good ending. I really hope that there will be no power struggles as this experience unfolds. Right now all I can do is hope for the best.


MrsKnight said...

Hey, you're sick and tired! It's logical that you're having negativity issues. 2nd trimester will come around and you'll be feeling better!

Best wishes for a great OB!

Heidi said...

Keep holdin' on to that are doing an amazing thing.

leikay2 said...

((HUGS))) No advice, just want you to know that I'm here whenever you need.

AnGèLe said...

Hun! I too had the same emotions in the beginning! I remember having so many thoughts of what did I just get myself, my children and husband into!! But.. soon after the meds were out of my system and the nausea subsided and belly continued to grow as did the IFs excitement.. all those emotions went away and I was able to enjoy the journey how I had envisioned doing so! Keep blogging about your feelings, its so important !