Wednesday, December 29, 2010

32 Weeks (Tomorrow)

Had my appt. today and there's not much to report. Baby A is transverse - so he moved a little! His head is pointing toward my right hipbone. I found out that my doctor will not schedule a c-section unless I'm around 39 weeks. That makes me happy...knowing that I can go into labor on my own and we'll see how I will deliver from there. Babies are just under 4.5 lbs each - making this the most baby weight I've carried to date. Starting next week I will go in for a weekly non-stress test. I can't believe I'm on the down slope of this pregnancy!

I can feel and see a little swelling starting up and I think I've found one new stretch mark on the underside of my belly (kinda hard to see down there). I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable most days although not all the time. I may have said this before, but although I know I will once again miss being pregnant, I am really starting to look forward to having my body back to myself. I'm starting to daydream daily about the things I will be able and want to do again. I will try to post a pic later...I am still amazed at how big my belly keeps getting!


Andrea said...

Yes, post pictures!! Yay, for the home stretch =)

MrsKnight said...

I regret not taking belly pictures. I'm a procrastinator, and I was always putting it off until tomorrow.

Kelly & Her Uterus said...

Your belly is SO ADORABLE!!!!! I want to touch it!! :)