Monday, January 19, 2009

Boring, boring

Not too much to update. I had my 36 week appt. on Friday and I didn't even get any news. The only thing I found out was that I am only measuring at 34 weeks. It sounds as though this isn't uncommon. My next appt. isn't until 38 weeks and my Dr. says he won't even check to see if I'm dilating unless I begin having contractions or I reach the due date and the baby isn't here - that sucks. I am very much looking forward to being done with this pregnancy (I think I always feel that way at 36 weeks). This is the time everything starts to get really hard. Sleeping sucks because of pelvic and leg pain. I feel so exhausted all the time. Very few clothes fit me anymore. I am uncomfortable no matter what I do. The baby is pressing on things inside my body that hurt. Nevertheless, I can't wait until this baby boy is born and I can hand him over to his daddies. And then I can go have a fat glass of wine. :)

Here's a pic at 36 weeks...

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