Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting Closer

I am 37 weeks today. So the baby is full-term but I know he won't come early. IF's are going to fly out on the 12th (the day before my due date) so I'm sure he will wait until then. I have had no signs of impending labor whatsoever so I'm just hanging in there. Some days are better than others. I have been having the worst pelvic and leg pain on my right side. I sure hope that improves when the baby is born. My heartburn is out of control. I still have half a bottle left but by the time I give birth I'm sure it will be empty. I can say one thing is for sure - I will never gain this much wait if I have future pregnancies. I'm not sure if I said in a previous post that I have already gained 36 lbs. (as of last week). B said that he was going to look into prenatal massage as they want me to be as comfortable as possible in these last few weeks (did I ever mention my IF's are awesome - well if I didn't say it before, let me say it multiple times now). In that same conversation, I think it has been decided that I am going to attempt to pump - so that's cool. Hopefully it will help me to lose just a little bit of weight.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time as I don't know what the birth will be like. If I make it to the hospital on time, I still haven't decided if I'll have an epidural (although I'll probably want one no matter what, we'll see what happens).

It will be weird when people start asking me where the baby is after he's born. Just when you think you are done telling your story - it still goes on... Next appt. is in one week although I'm not expecting anything exciting. If I have the guts maybe I'll demand that he check me. We'll see...

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