Friday, January 2, 2009

We're not inducing!!

I just got off the phone with B and he thought that it would be best if we just let the little man come when he is ready. I couldn't agree more! I must say that I had been stressing about it a bit but now that we really have a plan (even if it isn't really a plan at all) I feel much better about the birth. Now I will just be nervous about where and when it will happen. And I pray that it won't be too fast.
I must say though, that I am excited. I'm 34 weeks and while 6 weeks does seem like a long time, when I compare it to 9 months - it's really nothing. I can't believe this experience will be coming to an end very soon. Although it is something I will never forget. I can't wait to see the little man and of course his parents faces when they see him for the first time.
I'm still enjoying pilates a lot - it makes me feel so good. I've already gained 30 lbs. so I'm going to need some serious help after the birth. I'm hoping that doing the pilates every week will help me stick with something afterwards as well. I'll probably post another picture at around 35 weeks.

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