Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everything is Good

So that scare that I had yesterday, it really was just an upset stomach (thank God). I felt much better today. I talked to one of my friends today and she told me she thought she had a miscarriage on Memorial Day weekend. She said she began bleeding and then passed a large mass. Seeing that she is around 3 months, you can imagine she was very depressed - so she indulged in a whole bottle of wine (I'd have probably done the same). When she went to the Dr. that Tuesday, her baby was just fine. The thought was that maybe she was carrying twins and one didn't make it, although the U/S never revealed anything like that. I'm just relieved that the baby is okay.

On a lighter note, my backside still itches like crazy and I do have to do a shot tonight but I am hopeful that everything will heal soon. I don't expect anything really exciting to happen until next Friday when the U/S is scheduled. I haven't even spoken with B & B since last week sometime. I am beginning to get more and more tired - a symptom of the pregnancy? I hope so.

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