Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost Done

This little man is almost done! I went in for an appt. on Friday and the Dr. checked me and said I was 3cm dilated. Well, I guess I kind of got excited and maybe got my hopes up that I might actually give birth soon. Well, here we are on Mon. and nothing has happened at all. I spoke with a friend this afternoon and she said with her third child she was dilated to 3cm for 2 months. Oh well - I suppose he will come when he is ready. Here are the pics (not the best, they don't do the items justice) of the things I made for the baby. I would like to do a blanket too but we'll see if I have the time and the patience.

Since we decided to go ahead and do the pumping thing, they bought me a brand new Medela Advanced breast pump - that is so cool. I still can't believe how great they are.

Well, I'm getting excited but I still hold out hope that he will make his way before the 13th because I am going on a field trip to the aquarium that day. Also, I really don't want to go past my due date. Come on baby...

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Brandy said...

OMG, you are an excellent crafter gal! The guys are going to love their heartfelt/handmade gifts.

Good luck to you on the upcoming birth. I hope it happens soon and that everything goes well! I will be watching out for a birth story from ya. ;)