Monday, November 16, 2009

No Shot Needed

My beta on Friday came back at 67 and today at 21. As you can see it is dropping nicely. They still want me to go back, yet again, next Monday to have it checked for *hopefully* the last time. Since I'm not familiar with fresh transfers, I'm not exactly sure what the next steps are. I'm pretty sure I will start bcp's with my next cycle (which I hope will be sometime in December) and then we will go from there. Not much to do now but sit around and do some thumb twiddling. Thank God that we have some holidays coming up for some pretty good distraction.

Also, I talked with B on Saturday and it sounds like Grant is an overall perfect child in their eyes. They are so proud of him. That couldn't make me happier. I asked if they were thinking of making Grant a big brother and they have no plans for that right now, but it's not out of the question. That would be nice to see him in person one of these I haven't seen him since he was born!

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