Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Round 3...Bring it On

Okay, so even though we have a while to go, we officially begin round #3 today. My beta on Monday was down to 5 and my progesterone and estradiol are normal so I start bcp's tonight to sync my cycle with egg donor. Once she starts her period (which should be next week) then we will get a calendar! Wahoo. I just have so much more faith that this time the transfer will work. If it doesn't work, I will finally be officially devastated (as will my IF's). We are hoping for twins, but will take any success we can get.

We will be transferring 2 fresh 5 dayers (I'm pretty sure). This next transfer, I will do everything in my power to only test once...8dpt and only with a digital test. I only want to know if I'm pregnant or not. I don't want to see how dark the line is. I say this this and hope I can hold myself to it. I just can't handle the obsession with POAS that I had last time. I know there is a possibility that a digital could be positive with a chemical, but I don't want to be spending so much money on the tests when the beta will tell me whether or not I'm pregnant.

I'm hoping we could do an early January transfer, but I'll take whatever as long as it's January. If you read this blog, please do a small prayer for us as we all really need some success right about now. I do plan on getting some sort of fertility charm or jewelry...I'm just looking for the one that really stands out to me. I'll update as soon as I hear some new news (good I hope).

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