Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Ticker

Okay, so I know that I am not really going to give birth to triplets but I have to be technically correct for now right? This is the cutest ticker I have seen yet! So the wierdest thing happened yesterday. The psychologist from my agency called, as she knows what is going on, and at one point she asked how I was doing in regards to having some negativity on the SMO boards. I was shocked! How did she know? I had read earlier about people from certain agencies reading posts there but I'm thinking maybe everyone from my agency does (unless she happens to be a current or past surrogate herself). Anyway the point is, I never told her anything. Or anybody else from my agency. Whatever, big deal. At least I have never said anything bad about anybody (and I don't plan to). Are they reading my blog too? Kind of reminds me of Big Brother... J/K

And by the way, I will change the ticker when it is appropriate.

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Jenifer said...

Hee hee..... my agency reads SMO too. And my blog!!