Thursday, July 3, 2008

8 week U/S update

I went in for my 8 week U/S (with Lily) today and not much has changed except the size of the babies. There are still 3 in there and the tech said that all 3 have very strong heartbeats. I have been trying hard to not think about the impending future. We are all going camping this weekend with some friends so hopefully it will keep my mind off of it. I did talk to B today but he didn't really say much. It will be very hard for me to talk about having to go through the reduction. It still just makes me so sad to think of not only the people who go through heartbreaking infertility troubles but also even the surrogates who have to go through the failed transfers. I got lucky, in a sense, I only wish it would have been somebody else who would have been able to carry all 3 babies. Two more weeks until my next U/S. B & B will be there for that one. The babies will look more like babies by then. I was able to stop one of my medications today. Yea! Two weeks until I can stop all meds - I can't wait, seriously.

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