Friday, January 22, 2010

We Got our Date!

I found out today that we will be transferring on the one week from tomorrow (YAY!). Today has been horrible. Because my estrogen was low and I had to up my dose, I had a terrible migraine this morning. It's better now, but it was one of those that made me nauseous. Now I remember just how powerful hormones are and how they can really affect so much more than we think.

Egg donor will have retrieval on Monday so we still have one hurdle left. We have to see how many eggs we will get and then how many fertilize. My IF told me yesterday that if we get 3 embryos or less, then the transfer will be moved up to 3 days. If we get more than 3, then we will keep the transfer next Saturday. At this point, I don't care (that's how I get when I feel crappy). Not looking forward to morning sickness, but so looking forward to being pregnant!


jenicini said...

Exciting! You have dates! :)

Kelly's Uterus said...

Yeah!!! This is it!!! I can feel it!