Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Close

This upcoming Thursday, I have an appointment for my lining check U/S at 9:30am. We should know the date of the transfer by then (or by Friday at the latest). I'm starting to get really excited for the transfer! Still feeling good and thinking positively. I'm glad we're not there right now during Golden Globe time, although that would be cool to get a glimpse of some famous faces. We're not staying at the Beverly Hilton anyway. I'm pretty sure we'll be staying at the Sunset Tower Hotel again. We've stayed at so many different hotels and they're all really nice. I can't say any one of them is better than another.

I will update on Thursday after the appointment.

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Kelly's Uterus said...

When I had my transfer, I stayed at the Beverly Hilton and my IPs came in saying there were lots of teenagers screaming. We walked out to see what it was and the Disney Channel was there doing some event. Got to see lots of kids Ruby would've love to see in person.