Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lining Check - Check

Lining check is done so I can cross that off my list of things to worry about. Lining looked great at 12 (ETA: make that 13 :) ), so at this point I'm not concerned about my estradiol's doing it's job. Still waiting to hear about date of retrieval and thus, date of transfer. With a frozen transfer, I would be starting progesterone injections tonight, but only because the transfer would be in 5 days. I'm thinking that we still have 9 days until transfer so I'm guessing I will begin prog injections in a couple of days. I miss frozen embryo transfers!! They're so much easier. Nobody can schedule flight information until we have a date. This means I can't get prepared until I know when I will be gone. Frustrating.

While I was looking through some older paperwork I found the wonderful sheet they give you labeled "Positive Pregnancy Instructions". It made me just a little sad to see that if the first transfer had been successful, my due date would have been 3/26/10. I'd be having a baby in a little less than 2 months. I know that it just wasn't meant to be though.

I still feel very good about this upcoming transfer. At this point, all variables are favorable. The last thing we are waiting on is to see how many eggs are retrieved and then fertilized and grow. If that turns out good then our chances for a pregnancy should be really high this time.

Will update when I know more!


AnGèLe said...

12?!! Wow!! Great lining!! Hope you get your transfer day soon!! :)

jenicini said...

So exciting! It's frustrating not knowing when to make travel arrangements. I hope you find out soon! I'll be going to LA next week and hanging out with my parents and egg donor until my transfer. :)