Thursday, January 28, 2010

Injection Fiasco

I don't know why I have to have so many issues with injections, but I do. Two nights ago, I gave myself my progesterone injection. Almost immediately it was terribly itchy (still is today in fact). I hope I'm not having a reaction again. Last night, because my husband was home, I decided to have him give me my shots (both Delestrogen and Progesterone). I got them all set up handed them over. For some reason, I just decided to watch him for the second shot, just to make sure he was doing it right I suppose (after all this time and I still don't trust him!?!?!?!) Well, he get's ready to take the plunge and all of a sudden he pulls way back on the plunger. He pulled at least 2 cc's of air into the syringe. WTF!!! Thank GOD I was paying attention. I said to him, "Have you been doing that with all my shots? Why did you do that? You would have just killed me if we were doing IV injections". A little later he said, "I thought you said to pull back on the plunger a little." "Yeah, after you inject it!!! To make sure your not in a vein and there's no blood."

Nevertheless, I think I will be doing my own injections from now on.

Leaving tomorrow morning to go to LA, transfer will be sometime on Saturday....can't wait. :)


MrsKnight said...

Oh boy. I'm laughing. I do ALL my own shots. That way I have no one to blame but myself for my sore cheeks. :-)

AnGèLe said...

I did all my own shots too! DH didnt even watch me do them! LOL
The itchy is probably an allergic reaction.. I was allergic to the Sesame Oil, Castor Oil.. They gave me the Progesterone in regular Olive oil.. I was fine with that.. maybe an allregy?

Kelly's Uterus said...

I can't do my own shots . . . mental block and a large boob in my way ;)

I read your post to my dh to make sure he didn't pull that crap. LOL