Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost One Year

It's almost been one year since I gave birth to baby Grant. I'd really like to get him a gift for his birthday, but seeing that I haven't even seen him since birth, I don't have many ideas. I was thinking about getting him a shirt that says, "I Love My Dads", but I don't know if that's silly or not. I'm sure he has everything and more so what do you get a little one that has everything?


Anonymous said...

That shirt is definitely a statement. I'd go one of your favorite children's books or a stacking toy (one year old boys LOVE to knock things over). Good luck!

Kelly's Uterus said...

Don't you make shirts? A handmade gift would be awesome.

I think I got my surro-girlies stuffed monkey's (the dads had a small paul monkey seat covers) so I got them little small paul toy monkeys.