Saturday, January 9, 2010

Right on Track

First, I just want to say I needed a new blog look for the new year and I love pink and black together. Second, AF had arrived and I start my Delestrogen injections tonight! Everything is right on track. You wouldn't think I would be excited to begin poking myself with needles, but with Dr. S, once you start injectibles, transfer is less than 3 weeks away.

I was talking with D the other day and he said that he wants me to take a home pregnancy test. I had been thinking about waiting until the beta this time, but he wants me to POAS so we can be prepared. I won't complain about that...I'm actually glad he settled it for me. I really think it would have been hard to wait those grueling 10 days. I feel good about this transfer and I'm confident this third time will be our charm.

D said he spoke to the egg donor agency and apparently our egg donor's eggs resulted in the birth of a healthy baby November 1. It's unfortunate that we had to experience the two failed cycles with (what we truly believe were) bad embryos.

2010 is our year!!


jenicini said...

Yay! It's coming! I hope this time is it for ya'll!

COsurromommy said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Sending positive thoughts your way! I am scheduled to transfer 1/26 (first time GS)

Kelly's Uterus said...

Yes it is your year!!!! Best of luck!